18 Cell – Hydroponic Tower


A unit to grow tower cups with a pipe construction growing-system of plants or seed in hydroponic culture of any vegetable plants, flowers, plug plants or seeds.

Size : 48 x 48 x 123 cm(L X W X H) Container Size 48 x 48 cm



18 Cell Hydroponic Tower –  Plant Hydroponic system -Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). NFT provides no medium support for roots. Typically roots sit in a long sloping irrigation channel (Fig 1.1). Nutrients are introduced at the high end of the channel and allowed to flow over the roots after which it drains into a nutrient reservoir. It is then re-pumped back into the channel to repeat the watering process. This feed cycle can be intermittent or continuous. An ‘intermittent’ feed cycle is regulated by a timer and repeated many times per hour.  You can easily grow your favorite flowers in your home without any muddy mess and need for watering the plants regularly. Hydroponics are the ideal method to grow plants in urban areas. It makes a wonderful hobby that helps you relax and it is fun to your watch plants grow in in hydroponic garden tower.

Components: Base Container Bottom shell with Lid · Frame Pipework · 1 Pump · Water Separator · 6 Sets Cup holding trays 6 sets · Top Section · Pump · 18 Cups · Timer ·

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Weight 12 kg