64 Cell – Hydroponic Spiral Tower


Hydroponic Growing System Unit of 64 Planting Semi Spiral Unit. Organic Salads, Herbs, Flowers & Plants from Seedlings – all you need is water and hydroponic solution.

Size: 1 Unit carton in 50 x 50 x 30 with Constructing components, Timer, water pump and plastic growing pots.



64 Cell Hydroponic Tower – Spiral Hydroponic Tower.  Constructed you can grow a range of plants to suit you for growing requirements. Grow up to 64 Plants at one time. A practical Hydroponic System. This will give you enormous pleasure learning about Hydroponic growing and farming on a small scale. Fill your units with a good seedling stock in the pots, add water and nutrients to see the growing of plants in soilless culture. The roots grow underneath the cups in the water. After planting: water using a fine normal spray whilst in the growing pots and also you can water these from the top too.